Death Valley – Day 3 – 2015

Our third day we had a late breakfast and headed on another lengthy dirt
road trip from Eureka Dunes towards The Race Track Playa and Grandstand.
This area is a dry lake bed. The sediment surface is very fine. When is
rains and the winds are very strong rocks that fallen from near by hills are
pushed along the playa leaving a track tracing their route of travel. The
track you see have been many years in the making. Unfortunately some people
feel the need to take the boulders/rocks home with then and there are a
great many tracks which no longer have the rocks at the terminus of the
track or trail. The third picture below shows the “Grandstand” This is a
rock formation at the northwest corner of the Racetrack. Every racetrack
needs a grandstand so natural forces gave us this grandstand.
On the way between Eureka Dunes and Racetrack we made brief stops at
Crank Shaft Gold Mine and tea Kettle Junction. Use your imagination and see
what you come up with. I will try to include a couple of pictures of these
locations in my next set of pictures.

We photographed in the afternoon until after sundown and again began
photographing more than an hour before sunrise. We attempted to make
pictures of the Milky Way including a racetrack and boulder in the pictures.
Very mixed results. I plan on adding a set of pictures “from sundown to
sunrise” after is have finished with all of the other photographic

Enjoy your visit to “The Racetrack” If one picture captures your imagination
let me know which picture it is.

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