Death Valley – Day 2 – 2015

After out sunrise photography at Furnace Creek and a late breakfast, we
packed up and headed out to the north east corner of Death Valley. Our goal
was to reach Eureka Valley Sand Dunes by med to late afternoon. We were
slowed down some by a flat tire. The group leaders were well prepared and
with a couple of cans of green goo sprayed into the tire and the use of a 12
volt compressor pump powered by the vehicle battery we were off again but
more slowly. The trip took over 4 hours with the vast majority off road on
challenging dirt roads. We photographed that afternoon till after sunset and
again after dinner till about 10:00 pm.  We were up by 4:30 am and headed
out to the dunes to locate interesting spots to photograph in the pre
sunrise light till about 8:30 am. We hiked back into camp, had breakfast,
packed up, and headed out for the next day’s location and a new adventure.

You may notice in the selection of pictures that look very similar or like
duplicates. I took just over 1200 pictures during the 6 days of photography.
I tried to take pictures of the same or very similar subjects from slightly
different angles or camera settings. I also have been trying different
interpretations of the same basic subject using different settings or

Anyway enough with the words. I hope you will find at least one picture that
captures your interest. If so let me know which one is your favorite.
Viewer opinions matter to me and help me improve my photography.

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